Heidelberg CTP (Computer to Plate) Prosseter 74
Generates a plate selection directly from a file in less than 10 minutes.


Heidelberg SpeedMaster Press 74
5 Printing Units
Perfector 2 x 3
Up to 15,000 sheets per hour
Printing area: 29 in x 20 in

Ryobi Press 3404
4 Printing Units
Up to 10,000 sheets per hour
Printing Area: 12.5 in x 17 in

Kluge Press Continuous Form
4 Printing Units
Perfector 3 x 1
Up to 20,000 sheets per hour
Printing Area: 13 in x 11 in

Variable Data
Customized printing directly from a database.
Includes: barcode, name, address, etc.

AB Dick 4 Letters

Xeikon Digital 32D
Letter side both sides with variable data
Up to 2,500 sheets per hour
Printing Area: 13 in x 49 in


Heidelberg Stahl Folder 56
Creates 4 vertical and 4 horizontal folds at once
Up to 24,000 pieces per hour
Uses: magazines, instruction manuals, tri-folds, brochures

UV Coater with infrared and ultraviolet oven
Up to 4,000 pieces per hour
Width of up to 24 in

Die Cutter
Up to 2,000 sheets per hour
Cutting Area: 41 in x 28 in
Cutting Area: 41 in x 28 in

Bunch Collator
Stapling & Punching Machines